There are three options for the rates.

If you only manage your online store (products, prices, stock,...), you will fall under the category 'One producer'. The start-up is free and you pay €50/month.

If you want to start a hub where multiple producers manage their own products and all products have to be bundled and delivered or picked up together, you fall under the category 'Multiple producers (Hub)'. Within that category, you can choose how you want to start: either with a higher entry fee (€ 8.000) and a lower percentage on turnover (2%), or without an entry fee but with a degressive percentage on turnover (start 4%).

A hub can work as a retailer (retail hub - reseller between farmer and customer) or can facilitate direct sales from farmers to customers (facilitation hub). More info on our wiki

One producer Multiple producers together (Hub)
[Monthly] Percentage discount on the revenue 0% 4%-2% * 2%-1% **
[Monthly] Fixed monthly cost (includes domain name and Google Workspace account) € 50 € 0 € 0
[One-off] Startup Cost € 0 € 0 € 8.000
[One-off] Cooperative share € 250 € 250 € 250
[One-off] Creation of a homepage with information, contact form, … € 1000 € 1000 € 0
Direct start-up of your webshop for online sales (receiving orders)
Define your own margin
Sell to private individuals and to companies (B2C and B2B)
Sell under your own name
Email and domain
Receive online payments via Mollie incl. Meal vouchers (cost Mollie for the user)
Customers-page (B2B)
Automatic invoices based on packing slips (producer -> customer or producer -> hub)
Generate invoices for yourself
Generate invoices for all famers of the hub
Allergens, nutrients,...
Holiday Management for yourself
Holiday management for all participating farmers
Sales figures
Statistics and CRM
Pay out producers
Packing slips (automatically in your mailbox, with QR code)
Stock management and price management of your own products
Multiple farmers have access to manage prices, stock, …
Mutliple farmers automatically get their packing slips & invoices
Labels based on packing slips (QR code)
Multiple delivery days possible per week
Change and recalculate products based on actual delivery or weight
Reusable packaging 0% VAT (and rotation)
User friendly order picking
Route planner (Route XL integration)
gift cards / vouchers / Tell-a-friend
Promotional messages
Gift cards / vouchers
Link to Mailchimp
Link to Social media
Generate marketing (POS) for in-store material
Food score (food mileage, freshness,...)
SEO (Facebook pixel, Google analytics)
Electronic customer portofolio (the use of online balance for refunds, …)
Link groups to users and businesses
Order from recipes
Integration with the cashier desk of Touch Systems
Degressive, Minimum monthly cost of € 50

Monthly sales in € excl. VAT and empties
On batch of Till %
€ 0 € 10.000 4 %
€ 10.000 € 15.000 3,5 %
€ 15.000 € 20.000 3 %
€ 20.000 € 25.000 2,5 %
€ 25.000 - 2 %
Each quarter an invoice is generated based on the revenue. At the end of the year, the yearly revenue is divided by 12. Example: On an annual turnover of € 350.000 you pay 4% on € 120.000, 3,5% on €60.000, 3% on € 60.000, 2,5% on € 60,000 and 2% on €50.000.

Degressive, Minimum monthly cost of € 50. Maximum monthly cost of € 1.200.

Monthly sales in € excl. VAT and empties
On batch of Till %
€ 0 € 25.000 2 %
€ 25.000 € 50.000 1,5 %
€ 50.000 - 1 %

All of our prices are ex VAT