You wish to join as a legal personality and do so from your company (VZW, BVBA, CVBA, NV, VOF,...)?

Fill out is the application form. The requested information has been determined in the statutes.

We ensure that we will not use your data for purposes other than those linked to the cooperative. Your data is safe with us.

Also mention that applications from self-employed people in main or complementary occupation should be done as ‘individual person'. The legal personality of a sed employed coincides with that of a natural person.

After completing this form, the approval of your application by the Board of directors follows. You will then be sent the account number on which you can deposit the amount for the shares you subscribed to.

Type of shares:
  • A-Shares: initiators of the company
  • B-Shares (nominal value of 250 EUR, max. 20 shares): these shares can only be registered by short-food-supply chain actors using the cooperative's digital Services (website, HUB,...).
  • C shares (nominal value of 250 EUR, Min. 21 shares pp): These shares can only be registered by investors who endorse the company's objectives.
  • D-Shares (nominal value of 50 EUR, max 100 shares pp): These shares can only be registered by sympathizers who endorse the company's objectives.

If you enter in a cooperative you get voting rights. This voting right is directly linked to the legal entity that can be represented by another employee. If you set up your company together with one or more partners and want to see all the names listed in the Associates list, you can indicate this below. However, the voting rights remain linked to one person who represents the legal personality at that time.