Who are we?

For years, Laurence Claerhout has been driving around Belgium, from north to south, and from south to north, to look for the most delicious products from our farms.

She learned how to grow asparagus, talked with nice goats, started stroking sweet sheep and got acquainted with happy farmers and talented producers who had a lot to tell.

So Laurence decided to share their story with her friends and acquaintances and through a fun and easy website, to offer their most delicious farm products at a competitive prices.

In her quest, she met a geek who wanted to use his IT talent to bring farmers and clients closer to each other: Stijn Frans from vandeboer.be.

And so LINKED FARM is born! In the meantime, LINKED FARM/CURIEUSENEUS has become a fixed value for individuals in Asse. But such hard work for a single municipality? No, our two entrepreneurs would not settle for this small.

They decided to make their experience available to other people. In Ghent , they started to organize B2B sales under the Name Vanier (Vanier.Gent). The improved software and logistical experience and the support of the city of Ghent ensured that they were able to progress fast. This project then aroused interest in Leuven and Brussels and so the local networks really started linking.

Linked. Farm is a cooperative (CVBA) in which we work with you to reinvent our food system. We want to organise the short food supply chain efficiently together, along with all actors involved: eaters, farmers, communities (schools, hospitals), chefs, catering business, large kitchens, food bloggers, other short food chain initiatives,... Our cooperative will be an open network to make qualitative and healthy food available from small family farms in a simple way, for a fair price for you and for the farmer.

If you eat, you're in.

And why do we do this?

Our vision
Linked. Farm is a platform cooperative that wants to help local short food supply chain initiatives to become economically viable. We want to change the food system structurally to make it fairer, healthier and more transparent.

Our mission
Linked.Farm wants to help scale up the short chain for farmers by:

With Linked.Farm we have the following objectives: