What do you need?

Some enthusiastic local farmers and their products

and access to the digital linked.farm platform

Now you're ready to receive your first orders

Simple and user-friendly

The digital platform simplifies your administration and invoicing. Everything is possible!

Sales to private customers (B2C) or to entrepreneurs such as restaurants and stores (B2B).
Work with a subscription formula for daily, weekly or monthly delivery.

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Affordable and

We want to share the LINKED.FARM platform in a cooperative with other entrepreneurs who also want to start in the short food supply chain. We share our expertise with pleasure.

We dream about short food supply chain taking a nice bite out of the food market.

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B2C (private individuals) and B2B (companies) sales

  • Administrative simplification (e.g. invoicing, packing slips, holiday planning,…)
  • Fast payment processing (online)
  • No food waste (only what is ordered is harvested)
  • Transparency (price, km, produced by, durability)
  • Correction delivered vs ordered weights
  • Tags for (EPS) crates
  • Electronic portfolio for return or for prepaid
  • Deposit system
  • Route planning
  • Coaching platform
  • Coaching marketing
  • Workshops
  • Customer receives exact delivery moment

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& baskets

  • Automatic periodic orders
  • Customers manage their own leave
  • Choice between prepayment, direct debit and/or invoicing
  • Transparency (price, km, produced by, durability)
  • Weekly editable basket-content that can be automatically sent to customers

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